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Christmas Italian Style

The incredible delay in my blog posting is just becoming unacceptable. But it has certainly put into perspective how blogging can be a serious full time job or hobby if you're dedicated to it. So, let's back track about nine months to my solo trip to Italy over the Christmas holiday and then maybe I can start to commit to timely posts!? Chissa!?

After a couple of days spent in Bologna, I was off to spend Christmas with the family next best to my own.  Although I was incredibly bummed about missing my favorite Christmas holiday up in Schenectady, NY with my lovely whacky relatives, being away from that annual routine was providing me with an opportunity to experience Christmas in a different way, with a different family who also loved me.

It had been six years since I was a guest in Claudia's home during my home stay with Union's term abroad in Florence. But in those six years, Claudia and Gabri had been to Boston to visit with us, I had returned to Florence numerous t…

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