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Capodanno spent in Chamonix

Folks... I'm on a blog roll! Let's hear it! (Apparently I started to write this and thought I'd have it out in back-to-back weeks, but I think monthly is on a roll as well!)

From Natale we move swiftly to Capodanno. After some lovely days spent alone in Bologna, and some lovely days spent with Family in Firenze, I was off on the Frecciarossa to Torino Porta Susa to spend a couple of days with my dear friend Serena and her crew in Chamonix :)

Serena met me at the station ecstatic to see me :) She is the sweetest! She helped carry my oversized luggage to her precious little old van/car that she had just recently learned how to drive.  All loaded in, we were off to run some errands and make some visits before returning home to pack for our weekend in the alps!

Serena was moving to Galway for work 2 days after New Year's, so our pre adventure errands included packing up and also making visits to her Nonni since she wouldn't seem them prior to leaving for Galway. We put…

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